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About Us

Artistico is a marketplace to collect and exchange fractions of Physical Artworks. 


Artistico is a platform where artists and collectors are posting their artworks for salesArtistico is not offering or selling any financial product.

Artistico enables everyone to buy fractions of Physical Artworks and thus become co-owner in a work of art.


On Artistico you can buy artworks fractions today and sell them tomorrow. This is a win-win model both for collectors and artists as it facilitates the increment of the artwork’ value.  After you have purchased some Artwork's fractions on primary market (first sales of the artwork's fractions that you can find under New Offers section) you can exchange your fractions with the other members on the secondary market (Open Market is the secondary marketplace where collectors can post their purchasing offers and artworks owners can accept them).  

Security & affordability

Artistico adopts the blockchain technology to secure physical artwork’s ownership and information. Each artwork contains artwork’s images, documentation and certificates.

Trust & Accessibility

Once the artworks have been sold, they’ll be located to pre-selected and trusted Custodians who guarantee safety and reachability. Custodians have been chosen among top international art galleries, foundations and museums, luxury hotels, institutions and more.