Before you can proceed with any purchase you must complete the mandatory fields on your profile:

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Joining Artistico is free.

Only when you re-sell your fractions to other users, a 6 % service fee will be charged. The net amount of your sales will be credited on your Wallet. No fee will be applied on your purchases.

Live Sales is the Primary Market section. On this section you can find the artworks to be sold in fractions for the first time. Each registered member can book the desired quantity of fractions to buy at a fixed price. When this campaign is successfully ended, each member will receive the booked fractions that will be available on "collection" section. If you have artwork to sell, please get in touch with our experts.

Open Market is the Secondary Market section. Each user can post a buying offer (fixing price and quantity) on any of the available artworks fractions already purchased on primary market by other users and listed on this platform. All the owners of these fractions will be informed and they can accept the purchasing offers to sell their fractions. Artistico will list all the offers posted by the members on its bulletin board and will inform the owners.

In order to buy fractions of artworks during live sales, you can use a credit or debit card. You can also use the credits you have on your accounts that you have earned from previous sales.

In order to make an offer and buy fractions from other members on secondary market you need to pay with your credits (our internal currency). If you do not have enough credits on your account, you can top up your account anytime by credit card, debit card or wire transfer.

In order to cash out your credits in EUR you need to provide a verified bank account or a debit/credit card with IBAN code under your name. You will find a cash out button on your Wallet section from menu.

When you buy shares on Live Sales (primary market) the transaction is  "pending" when the artworks campaign is not ended successfully yet. In case the campaign doesn't end successfully you will be informed and refunded. The amount you paid will be paid back to you on your credit account. You can cash out all your credits just clicking on the "Cash out" button from your transactions page. Your EUR credits will be transfered to your bank account.

When you make an offer to purchase some fractions on marketplace (secondary market), Artistico notifies all the users who own the fractions you are willing to buy. You will be notified when a user accepts your offer. The credits amount you offered will be on hold until someone accepts your offer. You can cancel all your pending offers anytime before they get accepted and the related credits amount will be put back into your wallet.

You can decide to disclose your full name or keep it anonymous to other users.

Edit your profile from menu and replace the default nickname as you like and select use to public to disclose your nickname instead of your full name. To diclose your real name unselect the checkmark in front of use to public.

Your full name provided on registration and available on your profile form needs to be the real one in order to partecipate to this site. Artistico will not share or sell your personal data to any third part organization. For more info about your personal data, please read our privacy policy.

You can purchase the entire artwork when the campaign is live (on primary market) simply buying all the available fractions. You can also buy fractions from other users in the secondary market and you will be able to avail yourself of the "drag along" clause to purchase all the fractions of the artwork. 

The owners of fractions of any artwork are subject to the "drag along" clause if one of the co-owners holds more than 50% of the fractions of the artwork in question. In this case, the co-owner who holds the majority of the fractions has the right to purchase the fractions from the other co-owners, recognizing them a premium on top of their purchasing price of 10% .

All artworks sold on Artistico will be assigned to prestigious Custodians selected by Artistico. Only those users who hold 100% of the fractions of an artwork will be able to dispose at their full discretion.